February 2005


Now that my electricity is back on after a 7, yes 7, hour hiatus (long story), here is something I did when I was bored.

I lean on you like a crutch. You are the only one I can turn to in times of depression, happiness, stress, or any emotion I may be feeling.

What is it about you?

So, it looks like you can only buy 4 tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Springfield Cardinals games on April 2nd and 3rd. I would need six. Not only that, but they are only selling 1500 to each game. So, basically, I’m not going anymore. This sucks, I was really looking forward to it.

Oh well, there’s always StL Cardinals Baseball this summer. I plan on going to quite a few games.

Check out some good music from a very good friend of mine’s band, Groupthink. Don’t sleep on these guys. They bring some real nice jazzy-rock. Make sure you check them out and if you are in the St. Louis area to support them by going to there shows.

I love my sister. She decided to come down on Saturday night. She took me out and bought be meals and alcohol. It was really great seeing her and Kevin. I had a great time. Thank you Lisa.

I am what some people may call a watcher. This is my story.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not crazy. I don’t watch an individual because I am obsessed with them. I simply do it because of the pleasure I get from watching them interact with other people.