April 2005


CHICAGO – About one in five ninth-graders in the U.S. say they’ve had oral sex, a finding that adults should keep in mind when counselling teens about sex, researchers say.

The study, which appears in the April issue of the journal Pediatrics, was designed to gauge teen perceptions of oral sex versus vaginal sex.

I was browsing Slashdot for updates on the WordPress/Google controversey. While there, I came letter from the editor of Scientific American in the current issue (April issue). It is quite humorous.

There’s no easy way to admit this. For years, helpful letter writers told us to stick to science. They pointed out that science and politics don’t mix. They said we should be more balanced in our presentation of such issues as creationism, missile defense and global warming. We resisted their advice and pretended not to be stung by the accusations that the magazine should be renamed Unscientific American, or Scientific Unamerican, or even Unscientific Unamerican. But spring is in the air, and all of nature is turning over a new leaf, so there’s no better time to say: you were right, and we were wrong.