I’ve started a website called Top Political Blogs. It’s a site that lists the most popular political blogs. Registration is free and it can help increase your traffic, so everyone should sign up.

Congrats to the whole WP development team.

In February, open source blogging application WordPress came out with its release 1.5, and we’ve found that this release puts WordPress squarely ahead of its competition (namely MovableType, which has begun to shift its focus away from consumers and onto enterprises). Although wrangling together a domain name and Web hosting space and then uploading the WordPress software can be intimidating to newcomers, once it’s set up this hosted option is one of your easiest for ongoing use. You can download and tweak visual themes that make your blog look radically different from the plain default Kubrick theme (blue header, white background). There are also plenty of plug-ins, with which you can set your blog up to do things like highlight search text, restrict certain posts to certain users or tie in with outside services like Flickr, Del.icio.us or Technorati. WordPress is gaining in popularity quickly, with more than 200,000 downloads in its first three months. If you like WordPress, but think it’s too complicated, try Blogsome, a hosted version of WordPress.

BEST: Community of users. If you have a question, either check the documentation wiki (to which anyone can contribute) or ask at the support message board. We had an obscure question answered within an hour.

WORST: Poor image management options.


I guess its time to do some updating. My family has been wondering why I haven’t blogged about my new car. Really, I just haven’t had the time and didn’t want to post about a new car because it would be really short. Anyway, Walter, my red Chevy Corsica is no more. He was traded in when my mom bought her new Pontiac Vibe. My dad got her Malibu, and I bought my dad’s 2000 Mazda Protege off of him. It’s a nice car, much nicer than the Corsica.

In case I haven’t told you, my uncle and I are starting MissouriWine.net. We hope it to be the number one site on the internet about MO wine, wineries, and place to purchase and rate MO wines. Keep checking back to the site for updates.

Next week I should be starting some work on St.Louis.com. This should be interesting, and I think, if done right, this could be a great website for St. Louis.

I supported him during the primary elections in 04, and Wesley Clark will gain my support again. I think Wesley Clark can be a great President. In order for him to win though, he will have to make himself more vocal about the issues. He needs to take a clear stance on issues, something that Kerry really didn’t do last election. Daily Kos has a poll of who should run, and Clark is in first. Clinton is in second, but I don’t think she should run. I can’t wait to see the future of the party, with the likes of John Edwards and Barack Obama.

Fujitsu has been displaying a form of electronic paper at the Fujitsu Forum 2005 show in Japan that can display images without using electricity.

The paper is only 0.8mm thick and is made of red, green and blue reflective strips twisted to reflect colour and then lock in that position, displaying the image without power consumption. Read more