I was playing around in various test beds today and noticed that a blog I installed via Dream Host’s One-Click Install was messing up the PhoenixBlue Theme. I’ve noticed this happening on a lot of different blogs (and I’m pretty sure they were all hosted on DH because DH automatically installs themes with WordPress and they install a previous version of PB). So I was trouble shooting this problem and not finding the cause. It looked fine in IE 7, but not Firefox. It was happening on Dream Host and not my other host. I couldn’t figure it out, but I knew it was a CSS issue somewhere. Then I tested it on a self-installed instance of WP on DH and it was still messing up. Okay, it wasn’t the one-click install that was causing the problem. So let’s try installing again on the host it was never broke on. Installed and the theme was broke. Hmmm… Why would it work on one blog and not the other. Same files, no changes. I found a style.css from the previous release and uploaded that. Bingo, everything is fixed. So now I just have to find what code was changed between the two and figure out why it’s breaking the theme. For anyone that wanted the theme and was having the issue of the sidebar being below the posts and the posts shifted too far to the right, this new style.css should fix that and you can download the WordPress theme PhoenixBlue here. Let me know if you are having any problems. Also, to see it in action, check out mikeschepker.net