April 2007


Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock, 29, was killed in a car accident early Sunday morning on Interstate 64 in St. Louis.

According to multiple reports, Hancock’s vehicle hit a tow truck at approximately 12:30 a.m. CT and the pitcher died at the scene. He had pitched three innings in Saturday afternoon’s game against the Cubs. via

It’s weird because I just saw him pitch yesterday. Kind of in shock right now, as I’m sure the whole team is. My thoughts go out to his family.

My wonderful friend Heather and her fiance had an extra ticket to the game today and invited me to go along. It was the first time I’ve been to a Cardinals v. Cubs game. The tickets for these series sell out quickly, so I’ve never been able to go in the past. It was a fun time. Unfortunately the Cardinals lost, but that’s okay. We all know that the Cubs are Completely Useless By September. We can drop a few games to the lovable losers; the team that hasn’t won a World series in 99 years. I did get to see Puj-daddy go Jimmy-Jack (Pujols hit a home run), so that was cool. The seats were nice and the day was beautiful. I hope I make it to a few more games this season. I love being downtown and I love the new Busch Stadium. I took a few pictures and posted them up on my Flickr page.

I was driving to the grocery store to pick up some cereal when I noticed the bike lanes on the right side of the road. I’ve noticed these for a long time, they weren’t new to me, but what I did notice was that there were arrows pointing on them. Normally, I would think who needs arrows in the lanes to tell them they are in the right lane? This is America, drive on the right. Oh, but I was wrong. In the bike lanes you ride on the left. How odd. Why do we ride on the left but drive on the right? It makes more sense to ride on the right, that way you’re further away from the traffic when you’re going with traffic, and closer to it when going against traffic (so you can see if a car is coming at you where as if you are closer to traffic and riding with it, you can’t). It makes no sense to me.

I didn’t blog about it before, but a few weeks ago I had an interview with the principal of a new high school that was built and will be opening in the fall. They had one position for Social Studies. I didn’t get the job. So, I’m still searching far and wide.