computer icon So, it’s been almost a week since I got my new computer from Dell. I must say, I am not disappointed. It is so nice to have a computer that doesn’t slow down to a standstill when you launch more than one program (especially with Photoshop). My computer can handle multi-tasking very well. I will sit there with 20 tabs open in Firefox (20 inch widescreen means more room for tabs!) and run Photoshop, IMs, music, PSPad, IRC and be uploading via ftp and not notice one hint of a slow-down or hiccup.

At first I was reluctant to use any of the new features that weren’t that necessary in Vista, such as the Vista sidebar and Gadgets. After browsing the gallery I found some nice additions, such as the App Launcher, Remote Desktop, and Run Command gadgets. The RD and Run Command are great because there is no Start, Run in Vista, though Windows key-R will get you there, just as before. Also, App Launcher is nice because I don’t have to overload my quick launch with programs and I don’t want to have a messy desktop. Why mess with the beauty of the 20 inch widescreen with a bunch of icons?

I’m actually pretty impressed with Vista. It is eye-candy, but it also does things better than XP, such as searching and the boot speed. The time in which it takes my copy of Vista Ultimate is cut in half of what it takes XP. Very nice.