tv icon I’ve not blogged about the TV show Lost because I don’t want to fall into the huge collection of websites that kick around wild theories and analyze every detail of the show. I have to make an exception now. Could that two-hour season finale been any better? (Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical). We all knew that Charlie was going to die, but it was still sad to see him go. What’s up with the flash-forwards? Who died that Jack went to go see in the future? Is Jack’s dad dead or not? Did Kate hook up with Sawyer when they get off the island? Who is the girl that Locke killed really? Ben might have been telling the truth for once, or a variation of it, as Penelope was no where near the island. Why would Locke threaten to kill Jack if he made the call then walk off all casually when Jack made the call? How bad-ass was it when Jack beat the crap out of Ben? My dad thought he saw Sun and Jin on the plane in the flash-forward when Jack was asking for another drink. I wish I DVRed it. So many questions! This is by far the best show on television. This season finale made up for the first lackluster 8 episodes of the season. I’ve never looked so forward to the month of February in my life. Let’s hope the great story continues over the last 48 episodes and doesn’t fall into the rut it experienced the first half of this season.