August 2007


speaker I’m taking all you St. Louis people back with this song. I was in high school when this song came out, probably 6-8 years ago. 105.7 The Point used to play this song all the time. It’s by a St. Louis band named Matt’s Dad’s Basement and is about seeing Tupac at McDonalds. It is a hilarious song. I don’t know whatever happened to this band, but their album Two Think Minimum is a pretty decent album. (The rest of the album is alternative. This was the only acoustic track on the album).

Lately I’ve been finding myself watching Scrubs a lot. I never watched this show during it’s regular airings. In fact, I remember watching the first show 6 seasons ago and I thought it sucked. Now, I can’t help but watch it every time I see it on. I’ve have the first 5 seasons on DVD now. The show is a really good show and really funny. In the earlier seasons the show takes itself more serious and in the later seasons it becomes more slap-stick and exaggerated. Most comedies follow that same pattern if they find success and are on for more than a few years. One of the funniest episodes of Scrubs is the musical episode that aired last season. I laugh out loud several times during that episode. Scrubs is to my twenties as Saved by the Bell was to my youth. I’ll watch it every time it’s on and I’ll see every episode at least 10 times. Lame, I know, but no matter how many times I see it, I laugh. Who doesn’t need a good laugh now and again?

In short, guy has account, new employee joins with the same name and wants that account name. Automattic takes it (supposedly without notifying current account holder). Guy gets mad and shouts at Automattic. Automattic points to their FAQ’s which they changed overnight to show what they were doing was ok. There’s probably more to the story. I could care less. I just find the whole thing funny. Another example of questionable practices on behalf of Automattic and WordPress leader, Matt.

Read Wank’s take on it and the original thread where the complaint arose.

Even if the whole thing isn’t true (which it seems to be true), their handling of it was a complete joke.

I’ve been using the If You Liked That plugin for quite a long time. Following the content of a post, this plugin inserts links to a user selectable number of other posts in the same category as the main post. The problem was, I often have posts in multiple categories and people might find it more useful if it displays posts from all the categories the post is published in. This version does exactly that. This version of the plugin supports multiple categories being listed below the post instead of posts just from one category. I’ve contacted the original plugin author with the changes but have yet to hear back from him, so I labeled this 1.2 (his is 1.1) and am releasing it from my blog in case anyone wants it. He did all the hard work and I have to thank him for an excellent plugin. Also, thanks to MellerTime for the help on making this multi-category.

Download it from here: Download If You Liked That plugin

I must say I’m really enjoying Ubuntu on my laptop. I use my laptop a lot now. Before, with XP, my laptop was running slow (even after reformatting), but with Ubuntu it runs at least twice as fast, if not three times. I don’t use it for much, mostly just browsing the net, blogging, and talking with people on IM (using Pidgin). I would like to get into DVD ripping and burning on it, as well as some graphics editing. I’ve not found anything similar to DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter on Linux yet, but haven’t really looked. So if anyone has any suggestions on those pieces of software, I’d appreciate some direction.

What is great about Ubuntu is I can find out how to do anything with just a few searches on their forums or on Google. I can find packages I need with ease via the Synaptic Package Manager or via I had my mom briefly look at Ubuntu and she could even find her way around things. It really is that easy. That being said though, it still has some catching up to do in order for a casual user from the world of Windows to be able to use it. I know nothing about command line, but that’s ok, because I can always find the command I need by searching, but most people don’t want to spend the time searching for something they should just be able to do. (Again, the package manager and Add/Remove programs helps a lot in that area). For a world run on Windows though, many users will not switch because it requires the terrible thing of learning something new. Most casual computer users don’t want to learn. They use computers to make their lives easier, and learning something new is not easy. I think if Linux gets to a point that people start learning it from an earlier age (say, Linux in the classrooms) then it would be easier to migrate more users to Linux. It’s the chicken and the egg though. You need more users to be a force, but you can’t get more users unless they know how to use it (or even know about it to begin with). I doubt I would have stuck with it if I didn’t’ get my wireless to work. I did, however, and am thankful for each moment on the OS. I doubt another OS will ever make it back on this laptop (though, a different flavor of Linux isn’t out of the question, just out of curiosity).