Holiday Parties

This weekend was a busy weekend. Friday night was happy hour with people from work. A couple people who don’t usually show up came out and it was fun. I really enjoy the people I work with, even though I never get to see them throughout the day. I’m with the kids from 7:15 until 2:15 without a break. I eat lunch with the kids in the classroom. I never deal with any teachers. The only people I deal with on a regular basis are the hall monitors and the lunch ladies. Needless to say, I really enjoy happy hour as it gives me time to really get to know my fellow co-workers.

After happy hour on Friday I went to my sister Lisa’s party. Her and Kevin were having people over to show off the new floor and the wall they knocked down in the entryway. It looks really nice. They had quite a few people stop by their place to check it out, as well as enjoy some tasty food (except the meatballs), beer, and friendships.

I woke up on Saturday to about four inches of snow. For once the weather people were right. It snowed off and on all day. Why couldn’t this happen during the week so we can have a snow day? I would really like one right about now. The snow did put some extra stress on the day as we had plans to go to my Grandma’s house for her holiday party. We made it out there, but it took about an hour longer than it should have because it was snowing heavily again and the roads weren’t in the best shape. Coming home was even worse since it snowed another two or three inches while we were at the party. None of the roads looked like they were plowed recently. It wasn’t until we made it back into St. Peters that we experienced decent roads. Good job St. Pete! Anyway, I had fun at my Grandparent’s place. There’s some pictures on my Flickr page if you want to check them out. No, we weren’t opening Christmas gifts. We did a white elephant thing and all the gifts were items from our homes.

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