December 2007


It’s been a couple years since I stepped foot into a Wal-Mart. Not since I lived in Springfield have I gone into one of those horrendous stores. I was out doing some Christmas shopping on Saturday and I needed to pick up some cold medicine. There was a Wal-Mart right next door to the place I was shopping at so I thought I’d save myself a trip to another store and pick some up here. As soon as I walked through the door, I knew that was a bad idea. There are always way too many people crammed into the stores. So, I dodge old ladies that don’t know how to walk, and weave between guys in camo jackets and NASCAR hats perusing the beef jerky and finally make it to the cold medicine aisle. I grab my medicine and work my way back up towards the registers, bobbing and weaving my way through narrow aisles, center displays filled with crap that I can see no one wanting. “Hey look! A camo colored Christmas bell with the words ‘Git Er Done’ painted on. Oooh, and is that a Chevy NASCAR tie clip?” Seriously, who buys this crap? Well, I get to the front of the store (which the cold medicine was only about 30 yards from the registers, but with all the people and crammed aisles, it takes forever to get anywhere in the store) and wait in line for 15 minutes. Why 15 minutes? Because Wal-Mart likes to have around 3 registers open during the busiest time of the year. Hell, why would they want to pay for more employees and cut in on their profit? Just make the suckers think they have to have the singing bass, 2nd edition and have them wait in line forever. Sell cheap crap to suckers and make a profit. God I hate this store. Call me elitist, call me a snob, or just call me sane. Wal-Mart is a crappy store. Shop Target.

To continue with posts about St. Louis history as reported by KSDK, here’s a bit about Kraft and the birth of Macaroni and Cheese.

In 1937, poor sales leads the National Dairy Products company to adopted the idea of one of its St. Louis salesmen. The idea? To combine grated American cheese with Tenderoni Macaroni, thus Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was born.

So next time you get those “blue box blues” you have the great city of St. Louis to thank.