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I was at the mall Christmas shopping today and came across a book while waiting in line to check out. It was in the Bargain Books section. The book is Tupac Shakur Legacy. Originally priced at $45, I picked this gem up for $4.99. It’s kind of sad that it went for this cheap. I was even more shocked when I opened the book and saw just how cool it is. The book is about Tupac’s life, but the way it presents it is great. I’ve seen this done with World War II books before, but never a biography. What it does is includes reproductions of things from Tupac’s life with it. There’s programs from when he attended his school for the performing arts, poetry written in his own handwriting, pages from the Gridlock’d script, his recording contract with Death Row Records, and various other documents. It is a really cool book. I’m so glad I went to the mall today and saw this.

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  1. Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent says:

    I don’t really bother with anything i just get on with everyday life but give me a book on tupac or bring up a subject on him and am there. My eldest sister got me into him by playing his music and if YOU really listen to the words you understand him. he raps about his life and when i listen to him, i can picture everything about him. i don’t believe for one minute he’s died i think he just wans a quite life now. Love you forever tupac your biggest fan X

  2. Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent says:

    Almost forgot i will always remember you tupac, You passed away (I don’t think you did thought) on my birthday 13th september 1996. i was 6 when you died but your memory will live on i take my birthday to remember you i try not to get upset because i know you would want us to remember you as you were. Like you said keep ya head up. Xxx

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