and all through the school, kid after kid were acting a fool. The teachers were grumpy and pulling their hair, with the hopes that winter break soon would be there. Today I had to remove a kid from ISS. He couldn’t control himself any longer. On top of that, I also received four new visitors today. The teachers are giving me early Christmas gifts it seems. Or should I say they are giving themselves early Christmas gifts? The n00bs are actually working and aren’t talking, so that’s good. What’s also good is that tomorrow I lose three of my more talkative kids. I have no doubt that their vacant seats will be filled by the end of the week. The excitement of Christmas and two weeks off is building in these young kids and they just can’t control themselves. One of my favorite sayings is The sweet just isn’t as sweet without the sour, because without the sour you really don’t know what sweet is. I love this quote and it strikes true for this week. This is a sour week, but it’s going to make my break that much sweeter.

(the second line in the poem was written by Trix)