Yesterday I read an article on how to turn the Nintendo Wii into a media center. Now, remember, this isn’t a real media center. The Wii has no hard drive, it doesn’t play DVDs. This was essentially a way to stream the media on your PC to the Wii. I tried it, and it actually does a pretty good job. The video quality is less than stellar and if I had a lot of videos on my PC and it wasn’t in the same room as my Wii, it might be worth it. There is one thing I would love to see working on the Wii, Hulu. The flash version with Opera isn’t compatible with Hulu. It needs an update of the flash player, which as far as I know, you can’t perform on the Wii. Hopefully an update will be available soon, because I will stream videos from Hulu. I’d love to watch Monk, Psych, Chuck, and other shows on the TV instead of the computer.

And when will Mario Kart Wii come out? Come on already!