I got Mario Kart Wii on launch day. This was one of the titles for the Wii that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I loved Mario Kart 64 and couldn’t wait to see what Nintendo would come up with for their motion control Wii remote. This is old news by now but the Wii remote sits in the center of a miniature steering wheel and you steer just like you would a car during your game play. After playing it for more than a week, I have to say, this is a fun game. The courses are fun, and in cases such as the mines or the rainbow track, they are beautiful. The scenery is filled with pictures, drivers, statues of all the Miis stored on your Wii. You can even unlock your Mii as a racer. One of the big frustrations for me is the addition of the new blue turtleshell bomb thing. I hate that one. The online play is fun and lag free. It is much more difficult than the regular racing against the computers because you have real people running you off the road and throwing things at you. That aside, it is still a game with a lot of fun. The 50cc tracks are great for beginners (perhaps too easy for most), the 100cc tracks are a little more difficult, but manageable, and the 150cc tracks are even more difficult. It’s definitely a great addition to the Wii. The next game I’m excited about, Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox.