Hillary really is losing it. By it I mean her mind, the small amount of respect many people have left for her, the country, her future in politics, etc. Obama won North Carolina last night by a wide margin. Hillary barely won Indiana. I mean barely. If you ask her though, she’s still the favorite candidate for the country. All the states that voted for Obama don’t matter. Her slim victory (by just thousands of votes) in Indiana is a mandate. CNN reported that 1 in 10 voters in Indiana were Republicans voting for Hillary (thanks to Rush Limbaugh) because she is the weaker candidate. Take out those votes, and she would have lost Indiana. She really hasn’t got a clue.

Hillary needs to drop out. Now. She continues to hurt her party, run negative campaigns, lies, and now apparently, tries to buy Super Delegate votes. It’s time for her to face the music, do what’s best for the party and the country, and end her run. I don’t think she will though. I think she’d rather see John McCain win the election, that way she can have a shot again in 2012. She doesn’t care about the country, the people, or the party. She cares about herself, and that’s it. Super Delegates need to end this now and throw their support behind a candidate that can and will win. Hillary Clinton is an embarrassment to the party and the country.