killer Kansas City, Missouri’s Tech N9ne recently came out with a new album entitled Killer. With each new album Tech reaches more and more people and gets closer and closer to the mainstream. This album is the closest he has ever been. He is selling out shows all across the United States, hooking up with major rap stars, and even has had his video for Bout ta Bubble, from his last album, on MTV. His new album debuted at number 12 on the charts, a very respectable debut for someone who is independent in every sense of the word. He has not had any promotion on TV or radio for this album. All the promotion has been in interviews in magazines and his amazing performances at shows.

Tech N9ne is definitely rewriting the books on being an independent rap superstar. You need no look any further than Killer for proof. Ice Cube, Paul Wall, and Scarface are a few of the bigger names that appear on the two-disc album. You can even tell that Tech is reaching for the mainstream with his selection of beats on the album. It’s not his best album, but has several great songs in the 32 track set. The best song on the album, in my opinion, is a song in which Tech does what he does best. It’s a song in which Tech takes us on a trip into his psyche and let’s us into his deepest emotions. This song is about how he wishes he could cry just once. Everything would be better if he could cry and the tears could wash away all the bad things in his life. It’s a pretty deep song and it’s not every day you hear a rapper talk about crying, let alone wishing they could cry. Have a listen and purchase the album.