No, I’m not leaving my job as a web developer. I’m still working there. What I have done is applied and gotten a job as a part-time tutor at Sylvan Learning Center. I could use the extra money, especially with the holidays coming up, so I decided to take the job. I originally applied last April when I was working at a school but they didn’t call me until recently. I’ll tutor for a couple hours a night a few times a week. It will suck giving up my free time but it’s only for a couple hours and I could use the money. It will also feel good to help the kids and interacting with them, something I’ve missed since I started the web development job. They want to start me out on reading and math and then train me for accelerated reading, speed reading, and ACT prep. So, if I’m not around as much, that’s the reason why. I start my training tomorrow.