Something amazing happened in St. Louis today. Barack Obama came to St. Louis to campaign and was met with a crowd of 100,000 people. According to The Wall Street Journal, it was the biggest event ever in the U.S. I’m so happy to see so much support for Obama in Missouri and I hope he wins the state in the upcoming election.

When looking at the above image there are many things that awe me. The size of the crowd is the most obvious. I’ve never seen that many people gather in St. Louis. The thing that awes me the most, that I feel a deep down sense of pride and amazement, is the building in the background. That white building with the greenish dome is The Old Court House. It was in that building that over 150 years ago a black man named Dred Scott fought for his right to be a free man. He won his initial freedom, but that was later overturned. Now, 150 years later, the U.S. is seeing its first African-American major party candidate for president. Hopefully this is just the beginning and we will see President Barack Obama. Today was truly a historic day.