I remember the day I picked up an album from Best Buy called Quality Control. The album art interested me and the CD was only $6.99 as part of some new artist spotlight deal. The group that put out Quality Control was a group called Jurassic 5. They quickly became one of my favorite hip hop acts. I tried finding any other music by them, which at that point was their independent self-titled EP that landed them on Interscope Records, the label that put out Quality Control. Since that day I have faithfully purchased every album they put out and was sad to hear they were breaking up.

My favorite member of the group has always been Chali 2na. I love his deep voice and his spectacular flow. I’ve always wished he would put out a solo album and have been waiting for one to drop ever since J5 broke up. In the meantime, I purchased his less-than-stellar mixtape, listened to all the Ozomotli songs that 2na was part of. Finally, and without my knowing, Chali 2na came out with a solo album. The album is called Fish Outta Water and, while not the best album in the world, it is still a solid album on par with all the Jurassic 5 albums. It is definitely a breath of fresh air in a summer of stale music.

Check out a couple of my favorite tracks from his album and make sure you purchase Fish Outta Water today. (It is $5 at the Amazon MP3 store right now)

Chali 2na ft Anthony Hamilton – Don’t Stop

Chali 2na – Comin’ Thru