On October 4th I will have been using WordPress for 5 years. Piece of Shep has actually been around a little bit longer, but that was in my Blogger days. I never imported those old posts because they were mostly drunken college ramblings. WordPress has served me well over the years, though I will admit I have looked for alternative platforms lately. It’s kind of hard to switch platforms when you’re this deep in and when you rely on certain plugins. I have been keeping a close eye on Habari and can’t wait to see how the development progresses.

Because this month is my Blogiversary, I will (hopefully) be posting a bit more, including one that features some of my favorite posts of the past 5 years. I find it hard to categorize my blog other than personal. I write about technology, music, TV, and rant about pretty much everything. This of course makes my blog limited in exposure. When you visit and read a post you really are getting a piece of me. Most of my readers are people I know in real life or from the internet. I’d like to thank all my readers for continuing to read and look forward to what the future brings.