I’ve been looking for some new music lately and asked my friends on twitter for some recommendations. That’s when @jessluther came to the rescue. She gave me some really good recommendations and now I’m going to pass them along to you. I’m posting three songs by two artists. I will give a few words of warning about the artists though: you might not like them at all. In fact, when I first started listening I wasn’t sure what to make of them, but the longer I listened the more I enjoyed the music. Listen and enjoy.

The first two songs are by Brett Dennen. He is described as a folk/pop singer-songwriter from Oakdale, California. He has been compared to Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, and Wynonna Judd.

Ain’t Gonna Lose You

Make You Crazy (Featuring Femi Kuti)

The last song is by Sean Hayes. Sean Hayes’ musical sensibilities defy easy categorization. He’s considered a masterful songwriter and fingerpicker, playing everything from guitar to banjo to mandolin.

Hip Kids