August 2010


Over the past year or so I’ve had issues where iTunes would launch (and even play) by itself. I could never figure out exactly what was causing it nor could I find any type of solution. I did find that whenever I would touch the receiver for my wireless Logitech mouse iTunes would launch. That made me believe that the issue was with the Logitech mouse interfering with the Mac. That especially seemed like the case when I removed the Logitech and replaced it with the Magic Mouse and didn’t experience the issue again… until recently.

iTunes started launching by itself all over again over the past couple weeks. Knowing that it had something to do with the USB ports I found a quick fix to the issue. If I would shut down the Mac and unplug all the USB devices and plug them into different ports everything would work fine. Then today I saw this article. It seems that there is an update coming out that might fix the issue. The article talks about one known issue involving USB devices not operating properly after waking from sleep on machines with VMware’s virtualization products installed. This might be the very fix I will need. I have VMware Fusion installed to run Windows. I know the problem happened on Halloween last year (which was creepy, especially since the song playing when I got home that night was a song about vampires) and I didn’t buy VM Ware until November 11th so it still might not be the cause, but I do remember downloading a trial of VM Ware beforehand so that still might be the root cause. Let’s hope it is and it gets fixed.

You all know that I love TV. In fact, I love it so much I created a new site dedicated to all things TV. I present to you Let’s Talk About TV. There are still things I am tweaking, but I decided to make it public yesterday. Many of the posts were imported from here but expect a lot more frequent posting. I have a few good ideas on what I want to do with the site, I just hope I can pull it off. I’m hoping if I’m able to do a few of them out of the gates I will have a bit of momentum and the rest will come a bit easier (being vague on purpose).

So, why am I starting this site? Well, as I said, I love TV. I’m tired of posting about TV here and there always seems to be a lot more about TV that I want to post. Also, I need to take my mind of politics. You might know I run Grand Old Parody and I need to have something else to occupy my time. Politics is too stressful. I need something fun!

Anyway, go visit the site, look around, and if you’d like, subscribe. I hope you enjoy it!

Google and Verizon are nearing an agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege. Complete bullshit if you ask me. This is the beginning of the end of the internet as we know it. I’m tired of corporate ownership of the government.

No big surprise that Proposition C passed yesterday. Missouri is a red state and the election yesterday was, for the most part, a Republican primary. There were very few close Democratic primary races (or challengers for that matter). The vast majority of people who showed up at the polls were Republican. No doubt putting the measure on the ballot during a time when Democratic turnout was expected to be low was the plan all along. Also, when reading the wording of the proposition, it was clearly partisan. Not sure why this wasn’t challenged like it was in Florida. It was clearly one-sided, but that won’t even matter. When a state law comes into conflict with a federal law, the federal wins.

“The Constitution clearly states that a federal law trumps a state law when they come into direct conflict,” said Richard Reuben, a professor at the University of Missouri School of Law in Columbia. “The core of Proposition C, which is the opt-out provision, appears to be in direct conflict with the new federal statute.” Source

I seem to remember America fighting some kind of big war about federal laws and state laws and some rednecks got their panties in a bunch and decided they wanted to keep their free labor or something…

In other news, Cynthia “Let them eat McDonalds” Davis lost her primary. The O’Fallon nutjob was up against incumbent Scott Rupp. In case you don’t remember who Davis is, she’s the worst person in the world, twice, and the genius who said that the free lunch program should be abolished and if kids are hungry they should get a job at McDonalds because, you know, they let you eat for free on your break. I guess she couldn’t wrangle all that publicity in for a win.

All in all, it was an election where everything pretty much turned out exactly as people thought it would. I can’t wait to see Prop C struck down.