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The thing that I don’t understand is how blindly most Bush supporters are following Bush. Now, I understand you have to feel loyalty to your party, but when the leader of that party is as dumb and untruthful as Bush is, maybe it’s time to cross the line. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not attributing this to all Republicans, because I know a lot of Republicans who have seen with their own eyes, thought with their own mind, and come to the conclusion that Bush is dishonest not good for this country. It’s in plain black and white, but if you don’t believe my little rants, lets look at the evidence:

Bush Lies

On the Economy: GEORGE BUSH: “… we will not pass along our problems to … other generations.”
THE TRUTH: $1.9 trillion in new debt over 5 years, with deficits continuing thereafter.
Office of Management and Budget-Mid-Session Report. July 15, 2000

I can’t wait for my mom and sister to come down this weekend. This week is going to be hell. I really want it over with. I am dreading my test tomorrow. I know it is going to be difficult, and that’s after going over the notes and reading the chapters. The take-home portion of the test was really difficult. I don’t know if it was because the directions were vague or because the directions were vague. It could also be that the directions were vague. I was talking to my friend Aaron and he said he recieved a C in the class, so my hopes aren’t too high right now, especially with the other hard classes I’m taking right now. This was supposed to be an EASY semester!

The weekend is over and the week will start anew. I’ve got a midterm tuesday and thursday (yes, a two day midterm). I will do poorly, not only did i not get much studying done at home, but i hear this teacher’s exams are really hard and no one does well on them. In house news, things just keep getting weirder and weirder.