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John Kerry Did Pull Something Out

It was a pen, but not just any pen…. this pen: On a more serious note, here was the response released from the Kerry campaign: October 4, 2004 — Was John Kerry trying to pull something at the debate last week? That question was burning up the Internet yesterday after a slo-mo review of the […]

A Different Picture of Iraq

With the Bush Administration painting a rosey picture of Iraq, lets take a look at what other people are saying about it. This one in particular interests me (and is partly in response to Eric’s comment on the political cartoons). From Baghdad A Wall Street Journal Reporter’s E-Mail to Friends by Farnaz Fassihi Being a […]

Stooping Low

The Republicans are scared. So scared they have started making up stories. These two have come out in the last few days. Did Kerry have a Cheat Sheet? This article claims Kerry had a cheat sheet during the Debates based on a blurry picture wehre Kerry removes something from his pocket right before the debate. […]

You Forgot About Poland…

Everyone knows those famous lines uttered by Bush in the debates last week. He was talking about how Poland is a great ally and Kerry kept forgetting about Poland. Well, it seems Poland would like to forget Iraq. They are pulling out their troops. Read the story here.