I was bored so I thought I’d share with you the websites that are in my feed reader (which is Google Reader). They are:

Anna’s Blog
Caleb Was Here
Give Away of the Day (hat tip Mark)
Homeland Stupidity
All in the Cards
Qn5 Blog
Simply Complex
Sporadic Nonsense
What Makes You Happy?
StL Today Cardinals
Yahoo Sports- Cardinals

I also have on my Google Homepage Wired Top Stories, Slashdot, BBC, and New York Times. All good reads. What’s in your feed reader?

There are rumors circulating about a Google computer with Google OS and possibly called Google Cube. The rumors that are flying say it’s going to be a Google linux system and that Google has been talking to Wal-Mart to sell the machines for a low, low price. What would it look like? Here is one possibility (purely for fun):
google cube

So, I was looking at my mint and noticed that I have been getting a lot of hits from a past article I posted about String Theory Proof. Because I am a stats fiend and like to know everything that is going on with my site, I went to Google to see where I ranked with the search term “string theory proof” (without the quotation marks). I found out, to my great astonishment, that I am number 1. So, if you go to google and seach string theory proof and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky” you will be directed directly to my site. Neat, huh? Does anyone else have any search terms that take people directly to your site?

I have to admit, I was expecting more from Google with the launch of Google Talk. The basic white and primary color of the design does not surprise me at all, and I like how simple the design is. What did surprise me is the lack of options and features. I’m not an annoying smiley type of person, but basics should be included. There is no file transfer option. I do like how easy it is to send email to your contacts or call your contacts. The sound quality on the calls is amazing and is as clear as the phone in your house.

I have been looking for a nice IM program to replace MSN and its overblown advertising interface, and with time and essential features, I think Google Talk will be able to do that. The question is, does Google have time to develop a product for an already established market?