I’ve been using the If You Liked That plugin for quite a long time. Following the content of a post, this plugin inserts links to a user selectable number of other posts in the same category as the main post. The problem was, I often have posts in multiple categories and people might find it more useful if it displays posts from all the categories the post is published in. This version does exactly that. This version of the plugin supports multiple categories being listed below the post instead of posts just from one category. I’ve contacted the original plugin author with the changes but have yet to hear back from him, so I labeled this 1.2 (his is 1.1) and am releasing it from my blog in case anyone wants it. He did all the hard work and I have to thank him for an excellent plugin. Also, thanks to MellerTime for the help on making this multi-category.

Download it from here: Download If You Liked That plugin

I installed Movable Type 4 on another site of mine and imported all the WordPress posts from this blog. I’m kind of tired of WordPress and the direction it’s going (It seems WordPress (as in .org) has went from being what’s best for the community to what’s best for the users of, the for profit version, which hey, you’re a business, that’s your job to make money, but don’t hide behind a facade of benevolence when you make decisions thinking about your profit margin instead of the community). I don’t know if MT will be any different, especially since it just became open source, but I think MT could be a suitable replacement. There’s going to be a large learning curve and I’ll lose all Google juice for a while, but I’m not a business that’s trying to make tons of money off my website. I do it for fun. I guess it all depends on whether MT will be fun to learn or frustrating. There is always Habari, but they have a long way to go before I can even consider using them.

So for the past couple weeks I’ve been searching for a new theme. You might have stopped by while I was testing some out. I had maybe 3 different themes up over the past few weeks but kept going back to the previous because I wasn’t feeling any of them, even after some modifications. This one I do like and might keep up for a bit. I have to see it on my website for a few days in order to determine if I like it. We’ll see. Any thoughts?

I really love this plugin. I was using it for a while, then quit because it was displaying the “If you liked that” on pages too. I notified the author and asked if he noticed this and was planning on releasing a version that didn’t do this or if he knew how to easily change the plugin to prevent this. He got back to me right away stating he just noticed this behavior himself and planned on changing it in the next version. Well, the new version is here and I’m using it again. I think it will be a great way to get users to go deeper into your site. If they came for one post, they might see another post that intrigues them and go to that one. Who knows, you may get a valuable new reader. Props to Martin for the great plugin.

No, not because I’m a rapper named Mims, but because I’d changed my site to this sexy new theme. The front page is still basic format as the changes I made a few days ago, just using a new theme. (and yes, it took me like 2 or 3 hours to mod that front page when it would have taken Kristin only like 15 minutes. Oh well, we learn as we go along I guess). And I must say, it would have been so much harder to do this if not for having my own web server and wp install on a usb stick. No uploading, just saving and refreshing. Very nice.