So, you might have noticed some changes in the way the site is laid out. Or maybe you didn’t, who knows? Anyway, to tell you a bit about what’s going on, I have moved my blog from the sub-directory of /blog/ to root. I wanted all my blog post permalinks to stay the same though, so I added /blog/ to the custom permalink structure. This makes more sense to me for the next thing I did.

I wanted a static homepage and for blog posts to appear on the page /blog/. I assumed when I tested this that the permalinks would then be /blog/whatever/structure/i-want/. This wasn’t the case. It was using I figured since blog posts would appear on a page that the permalinks would have that page in it’s structure. That is why I had to add /blog/ to it. I think it makes more sense to do it that way as well. Why have a page for blog posts but not have that page in the permalinks?

The static homepage was not created by me. My good super-awesome friend Kristin built and styled it for me. I just gave her the general idea of what i wanted. Big shout outs to her for be the most awesome chica I know.

The projects page is no longer around, instead you can go to my home page and look at the categories to find the websites, scholarly works, and WordPress works. The feed problem of not redirecting /blog/feed to seems to have fixed itself because both are redirecting properly. How? I have no clue. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it breaks. Let me know if anything is broken and I will try and fix it.

Thanks again Kristin!

I was playing around in various test beds today and noticed that a blog I installed via Dream Host’s One-Click Install was messing up the PhoenixBlue Theme. I’ve noticed this happening on a lot of different blogs (and I’m pretty sure they were all hosted on DH because DH automatically installs themes with WordPress and they install a previous version of PB). So I was trouble shooting this problem and not finding the cause. It looked fine in IE 7, but not Firefox. It was happening on Dream Host and not my other host. I couldn’t figure it out, but I knew it was a CSS issue somewhere. Then I tested it on a self-installed instance of WP on DH and it was still messing up. Okay, it wasn’t the one-click install that was causing the problem. So let’s try installing again on the host it was never broke on. Installed and the theme was broke. Hmmm… Why would it work on one blog and not the other. Same files, no changes. I found a style.css from the previous release and uploaded that. Bingo, everything is fixed. So now I just have to find what code was changed between the two and figure out why it’s breaking the theme. For anyone that wanted the theme and was having the issue of the sidebar being below the posts and the posts shifted too far to the right, this new style.css should fix that and you can download the WordPress theme PhoenixBlue here. Let me know if you are having any problems. Also, to see it in action, check out

If you are reading this via the feed, you might want to hop on over to the site and check out the new theme. I thought it was time for something that was a bit more simple, yet eye-catching. I think this theme works well. It’s very simple, minimal image usage, yet at the same time it’s very elegant and professional looking. I have been modifying it a little, adding the recent comments plugin to the sidebar, as well as a link to the feeds. I’ve also changed the way the theme handled the title of the site and page/post. The other way seemed a bit backwards to me putting the page name/post name before the site name, e.g. About Me-piece of shep instead of piece of shep- About Me. Also, the sidebar is not widgetized yet. I was thinking of widgetizing it but I think that would just spell trouble because I’ll just continue to add more and more stuff to the sidebar and the goal here is for simplicity. I think I may keep this theme for a while.