As you can see, I changed the look of the site. The little guy in the header is Squijee. He’s from QN5 and I thought he would work well in the header, plus he’s cool.

I really am going to miss college and all my friends. When I go back to St. Louis for good, very few of my friends will be there. Many are moving away or will still be in school at their respective universities. I will really miss these people. On the other hand, I can’t wait to go home and see my nephew. I can’t wait to take him to a Cardinals game with the rest of my family, which WILL happen this summer, no matter how hectic everyone’s schedules will be. Life is too short to put things off.

I’ve also started using a couple new plugins, which are conveniently listed in my sidebar. One is the Friend Finder plugin. This is sweet, you define a name and the respective website, and when said name is in a post, it will automatically link their name to their website. The other plugin in is a live comment preview plugin, so you can see what your comment will look like as you type it. To download these plugins, just click the plugin name in the sidebar.

I recieved an A on my hip hop paper, which you can read on my Scholarly Works page (link at top). I was excited to recieve an A because the professor grades really tough (but really fair). I worked hard on the paper, and I think it paid off. One day, if I get my PhD in history, I may turn it into a book. Who knows……

Anyway, time to go to sleep and get ready for the last class of my Bachelors degree. Finals are next week, hopefully I will do well. It’s really scary to be this close to graduation.

Some famous people have been seen using WordPress lately.

Director Kevin Smith’s blog

Rosie O’Donnel’s blog

Wil Wheaton of Stand By Me fame might be switching over as well.

The German Wikimedia site is running on WordPress now.

Congrats to WP for making a great CMS package.

There is talk of WordPress t-shirts. I came up with a “design.”

WP T-shirt

Also, I am using a new plugin. It is a Firefox download count plugin. It’s pretty sweet. Photomatt created it.

I started using Plogger to handle my photos. If you click on the pics page, there will be a link to the collections. Unfortunately, there is not a plugin for WordPress yet, but rumor has it someone is working on one. When that happens, it will integrate with my site better.

Other than that, there really isn’t much else going on. Trying to finish all this work and papers before the semester is over. A lot of people have been downloading and using my This Day in History plugin, so I’m excited about that.

I’m going to try and end each post with a movie quote from now on. Why? Because I’m a dork and have nothing better to do.

“That’s all I have to say about that.”

I created my first plugin today, thanks to some help in #wordpress. Thanks guys. The plugin is simple, displays links to Wikipedia and BBC to show what happened on the date of that post.

Installation is simple and is explained in the readme.txt file. Any problems or questions, let me know.

This Date in History/This Day in History

Download it here

Also, feel free to donate for my hosting costs.