This weekend was a busy weekend. Friday night was happy hour with people from work. A couple people who don’t usually show up came out and it was fun. I really enjoy the people I work with, even though I never get to see them throughout the day. I’m with the kids from 7:15 until 2:15 without a break. I eat lunch with the kids in the classroom. I never deal with any teachers. The only people I deal with on a regular basis are the hall monitors and the lunch ladies. Needless to say, I really enjoy happy hour as it gives me time to really get to know my fellow co-workers.

After happy hour on Friday I went to my sister Lisa’s party. Her and Kevin were having people over to show off the new floor and the wall they knocked down in the entryway. It looks really nice. They had quite a few people stop by their place to check it out, as well as enjoy some tasty food (except the meatballs), beer, and friendships.

I woke up on Saturday to about four inches of snow. For once the weather people were right. It snowed off and on all day. Why couldn’t this happen during the week so we can have a snow day? I would really like one right about now. The snow did put some extra stress on the day as we had plans to go to my Grandma’s house for her holiday party. We made it out there, but it took about an hour longer than it should have because it was snowing heavily again and the roads weren’t in the best shape. Coming home was even worse since it snowed another two or three inches while we were at the party. None of the roads looked like they were plowed recently. It wasn’t until we made it back into St. Peters that we experienced decent roads. Good job St. Pete! Anyway, I had fun at my Grandparent’s place. There’s some pictures on my Flickr page if you want to check them out. No, we weren’t opening Christmas gifts. We did a white elephant thing and all the gifts were items from our homes.

St. Louis has always been a strong supporter of Sammy Hagar. His shows sell out here whenever he plays, the radio stations have always been friendly to him, and I’m sure he’s sold a great deal of records in the St. Louis area. That all may change thanks to his recent show where he revealed just how immature he really is. Before I continue I must state that the story I’m telling is not one I personally witnessed. I was not at his show, but what happened has brought up a heated discussion on radio shows and the internet. According to one fan, this is what happened:

About midway through his set Sammy hoisted a Miller beer and said it’s Miller Time !!!!!

The crows booed loudly, as you would expect in St. Louis.

Sammy then went off about how he went to the A.B. people and wanted to make a Cabo Wabo beer. But, A.B. turned him down and have decided to supposedly go with a Jimmy Buffet Beer-Tequila product instead.

So, Sammy blasted their decision, and said how he would NEVER drink an AB product, and would never serve Carona at Cabo again.

Then, he asked the A.B. employees in the audience to raise their hands, and then told them to go ask the A.B. people about the meeting.

The crowd’s frenzy was gone, and the love affair with Hagar was over for many.

He then mentioned it again a few songs later, and said he has already reserved a date to play Busch Stadium this summer. Although Sammy referred to it as “Miller Stadium.” Loud boos followed, which Sammy snickered at.

“We’re friends with Miller now.” he said defiantly. Several fans flipped the bird at the shows conclusion, and boos were heard among the applause.

Seriously, how immature can you be? Your concert is not a place to air out your grievances because a company didn’t want to do business with you. And, as anyone in St. Louis will tell you, coming into our city and talking bad about our beer is on the same level as going to Mecca and criticizing Islam or to Vatican City and criticizing Catholics. St. Louis is a proud city. We are proud of our city, our baseball and our beer. Talk smack on any of those things and you’ve declared war. Grow up Sammy.

So, the Crawl for Cancer was a great success. I drank a lot of beer, got a t-shirt, had fun, and helped support a great cause. I hope to participate in the next one. Here’s a brief recap of what happened.

At the first bar we went to, the royal blue team was done with their four pitchers before we even got ours, so needless to say, we had some catching up to do. We continued to drink quickly at each bar. On our fourth bar we ran into the green team, which we had not seen at any of the other bars, and they said they were finished. That our fourth bar was their fifth. I don’t know if that was true, but the green team were good people. I enjoyed drinking with them. Buncha drunks. The fifth bar was probably the best just because it was cool, I finally got to sit a bit, and the after-party downstairs was rockin’. I danced a bit, yes, I danced. I must have been drunk.

Anyway, it was a great time, and if you want to see pictures (lots more just added) check them out on Flickr

Tomorrow I’m participating in the Crawl for Cancer. For those of you who don’t know what this is, you pay an amount of money ($45) to drink in different bars (5). All the proceeds are donated to find a cure for cancer. This is something I can really get behind. You won’t see me running 5k. That’s something I can’t do, but drinking beer is. So if you talk to me tomorrow evening, chances are I’ll be drunk. The crawl starts at 1 and will last probably 4 or 5 hours.

Update: Here are some pics from my phone from the event. A full post and more pictures coming soon.