Sunday is my last hurrah. I will be turning 25, the last good year. What I mean by this is this is the last year that something somewhat major happens. 16 you get your license, 18 you can vote, 21 you can drink. At 25 your car insurance drops and you can rent a car. After this, it’s all down hill. From now on you get gag parties in which people give you gifts referencing how old you are. 30, 40, 50. It really isn’t until you hit 90 that these birthdays stop. Then at this point you’re just amazed you’re still alive. So yeah, this Sunday I will be turning 25. I should be living it up and partying hard for my last good birthday, so I probably need to call up some old friends and get them to take me out, buy me drinks, and make it legendary. (I’m a realist so I’ll go ahead and say this probably won’t happen).

I’m so looking forward to spring break. It begins on Friday. I need this break so much. I’m getting worn out by some of these kids. I look forward to staying up late, sleeping in, playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii. I look forward to relaxing and catching up on some movies, friends, and sleep. Oh man, I’m looking forward to sleeping. They say you can’t play catch-up with sleep, but I’m sure going to try. After today, three more days this week until a week of pure bliss. I better enjoy it while it lasts though. MAP testing begins the Tuesday after we come back. Yay for standardized tests! (sarcasm)

I would like a new cell phone. I don’t really need a new one, but I’ve had my Razr for two years and it’s time to upgrade. I can get a new phone with a discount from Verizon at the end of this month, or I can wait until April when my contract is up and go with another company. Really the only company I’ll consider switching to is AT&T. One reason I don’t want to switch is because I have a good deal with Verizon and the family plan I’m on with my sisters and brother-in-law. On the other hand, Verizon cripples their phones with their crappy OS and they disable features. That bugs me. I’ve had T-Mobile and I won’t go back to them and I’ve heard bad things about Sprint in the St. Louis area.

Lately, I’ve been taking notice in the phones offered at various stores and kiosks. I’m not impressed at all. At all. Many of the phones are either feature-less or have too many features. No Verizon, I don’t want an mp3 player phone with your horrible interface. If I really wanted an mp3 player on my phone, I’d go with the iPhone. I want something simple, but one thing I would like it to have is a web browser, and I don’t mean a WAP browser. I would like an HTML browser. The problem is, most of the phones that offer these are the Blackberry, the iPhone, and Windows Mobile smart phones. I don’t need something that complex because I’m not someone who needs to constantly sync up with his office and be in constant contact with people. I would like to have IM that works and web access so I can check Gmail and whatnot. I also want the phone to be relatively small, and if possible a Qwerty keyboard, though that’s not crucial. Why can’t I find a phone that suits me and why does it seem like Europe has all the best phones?

I have a good friend that makes me laugh a lot. When we talk via IM, I have to look back and re-read some of the things that are said because she cracks me up. Some seem completely random and others make some sense in the context. Either way, they always brighten up my day.


In talking about World of Warcraft: i think when i hit 69… i’m going to stay there forever. until 69 stops being funny to me

potstickers suck my ass and not in a good way

Me: so i told her not to madonna on me (pretend to be british when you’re not)
Me: that shall be the new catch phrase
Friend: shall
Friend!: you british geek
Me: shall isn’t british
Friend: shall is pompous
Me: but i had someone just tell me something was brilliant
Friend: tisn’t it?
Me: no, tisn’t
Friend: jolly good
Me: pip pip, cheerio
Friend: bloody hell
Me: wanker
Friend: bollocks!
Me: wicked googly

i just uttered the phrase “put that superman belt in your bookbag”

Friend: i don’t mean this in a sexual way
Friend: but
Friend: i’m not wearing any underwear
Friend: rofl

BENIHANA is my jesus

you ever cough so hard that you’re afraid you’ll wet yourself?