song of the week


speaker This is an amazing song. The funny thing behind this song is I bought the album that this song is on, Mezzanine, after a friend recommended it. When I started to listen to this song I noticed it was very familiar. I’ll give you a hint, my favorite TV show uses it as it’s theme song. A little bit about Massive Attack from Wikipedia:

Massive Attack are a trip-hop band from Bristol, England. They have released four studio albums, two movie soundtracks, one remix album, and a greatest hits collection. Their musical style has been acclaimed for combining elements of jazz, hip hop, rock, and classical.

This song features Portishead, a great group also from England.

speaker I know I already have a song of the week this week, but I needed to post this song because of how much it means to me. Sometimes there is a song that you relate to so well. There is a song that you listen to whenever you feel a certain way. Music is very powerful. It pumps you up, chills you out, helps you when you’re sad, and makes you happy. It is wonderful. This song is a favorite of mine because not only does the singer Tonedeff do a great job singing, but also because the lyrics are so meaningful to me. You can read the lyrics to the song here. This really is an amazing song.


speaker The song for this week is a song by CunninLynguists. The song was their first single of their brilliant album A Piece of Strange. For those who don’t know much about CunninLynguists, they have two previous albums out, Will Rap for Food and Southernunderground. Producer Kno is a genius on the APOS album. The beats he creates are more than just beats, they are great compositions of drums, samples, and melodies. This is not a typical hip hop album. The album is one giant story from the first track to the last. Don’t let that fool you though, the songs hold their own by themselves, but for a great adventure in storytelling, listen to the album from start to finish. Once you buy the album, which I highly suggest you do, head on over to whatisapos.com to read up on what fans think, input from the artists themselves, and general news about the album. Without further ado, here is the great song by CunninLyinguists featuring Cee-Lo (of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley fame).


speakerI’m going to start posting up some songs that I really like. Usually they will be from independent artists that can do with some exposure and I always like turning people on to new music. This first song is by a singer/rapper Big Krizz Kaliko and rapper Tech N9ne. But this isn’t rap music. This is their successful attempt at rock forming a group called Kabosh. If you’ve heard Kaliko in the past, you know he can sing opera, funk, r & b and now rock. He’s an amazing talent, and well, Tech N9ne has been one of my favorite rappers for many years now. This is a really good track. It was included as a bonus track on a Strange Music (record label) Sampler that came with Tech N9ne’s Everready: The Religion.