Congrats to the whole WP development team.

In February, open source blogging application WordPress came out with its release 1.5, and we’ve found that this release puts WordPress squarely ahead of its competition (namely MovableType, which has begun to shift its focus away from consumers and onto enterprises). Although wrangling together a domain name and Web hosting space and then uploading the WordPress software can be intimidating to newcomers, once it’s set up this hosted option is one of your easiest for ongoing use. You can download and tweak visual themes that make your blog look radically different from the plain default Kubrick theme (blue header, white background). There are also plenty of plug-ins, with which you can set your blog up to do things like highlight search text, restrict certain posts to certain users or tie in with outside services like Flickr, or Technorati. WordPress is gaining in popularity quickly, with more than 200,000 downloads in its first three months. If you like WordPress, but think it’s too complicated, try Blogsome, a hosted version of WordPress.

BEST: Community of users. If you have a question, either check the documentation wiki (to which anyone can contribute) or ask at the support message board. We had an obscure question answered within an hour.

WORST: Poor image management options.