Who is Shep? Well, here is the brief story of my life.

I was born and raised in St. Louis. North County (or NoCo) to be exact. To be even more exact, Dellwood. I have two sisters, both of them older. As you can imagine, this caused a bit of trouble for me (and them) when I was young. I went to school in the Riverview Gardens School District, in which my mom was an employee of. This meant I didn’t go to the elementary school near my house, but the better one that my mom worked at.

It was 7th grade in which I was given the nickname Shep, somewhat a variation of my last name.about pic The nickname stuck with me when I got to high school.

Time went by and right before my freshman year of high school the family moved out to the burbs. Yes, we, like most other people from NoCo, moved to St. Charles County, just over the Missouri River. More specifically, we moved to the city of St. Peters. I started school in St. Peters. I hated my freshman year, as I was new and didn’t know anyone. Sophomore year, I really started liking school. It was this year that I met some of my best friends. I also had a teacher that made me want to become a teacher. During this time I had many variations of my nickname thrown at me. Some of them included, The Shep, Shepdaddy, Shepdogg, and Piece of Shep. The last was said as a joke and when I decided to blog I figured that it’s perfect for this website because what you are getting really is a piece of me.

College came and went quickly. It was a great time, and I will miss the people I met there. There were a lot of good times at SMSU in Springfield, Missouri, most of them involving the bar Poppycocks. I graduated from the newly-named Missouri State University in December of 2005 after concluding my student teaching at the very high school from which I graduated.

I have always enjoyed creating websites for a hobby. Most of them sucked, and like everyone else my age, I started out with sites on Geocities and Tripod. I’ve always wanted a site that could express what I was feeling, and current news for out of area family and friends. That’s when a new craze called “blogging” caught on. I started out with Blogger (a pre-google blogger even), but wanted some more functionality. This is when I started using NucleusCMS and BlogCMS. I quickly aborted those two pieces of software for the superior one that I had been researching, WordPress. I started using WP when it was in version 1.2 and continue to use it until this day.

You can find me on Twitter.