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After a long week last week, it’s finally time to relax. The week was long, filled with many errands. Am I the only one that has fallen in love with Google Calendar, Google Notebook, and the To Do list for your Google Homepage? That made the week so much easier. I could mark things like “Pick up tux” off the to do list, add work and events such as the rehearsal dinner to my calendar and even add notes on what I want to say or brief “post-its” of information that I might need later.

The rehearsal and the dinner went well. I had a good time there, and luckily we didn’t miss any of the Cardinals game that night as they were rained out. Friday night we had a party at our house for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. All the Schepker side of the family was there. It was a good time. We BBQed and then watched the Cardinals win the World Series! Then Saturday came. What can I say, 16 hours in a tuxedo is not fun! 11 hours of partying in the limo bus and the reception is. So, I guess it evened out. Then Sunday we had people over for the gift opening. I’m just glad it’s all over with and it wasn’t even my wedding! I was just a groomsman. Congrats to my sister Lisa and new brother-in-law Kevin.

cardinals world series

They weren’t given a chance but they did it anyway! Congrats to the World Series Champs the St. Louis Cardinals!

For the second time in three years the Cardinals are going to the World Series. Congrats to the team! Let’s bring home a championship in the first season in the new stadium. This year was a tough one for the Cardinals, a team plagued by injuries. Let’s see what these underdogs can do!

This is kind of old, about a week now, but I just now saw it and thought I’d post it up. It’s from The Late Show with David Letterman. Here are his “Top 10 Yankee Excuses” (for not getting to the World Series):

* Wanted Columbus Day off to get to all the sales.
* Thought series was best 6 out of 11.
* We’ve already missed the first three episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” — enough is enough.
* Thought Joe Torre told us to give 10 percent.
* Players distracted by erotic text messages from Mark Foley.
* Shouldn’t have switched to the cheaper generic steroids.
* Clubhouse caterer replaced E. coli-tainted spinach with E. coli-tainted lettuce.
* Uh, global warming?
* More focused on how they’re going to get by on a lousy $16 million a year.
* What’s the point? North Korea’s gonna nuke us at any moment.