The Christmas Prank

Every year my sister Lisa and I play pranks on each other with our gifts. It started with her giving me a used bible and rosary beads as a joke. Last year I thought mine was the best when I made her go on a huge scavenger hunt for her gift in front of the whole family only to lead her back to underneath the very seat she was sitting in to begin with. This year was the best. She got me good. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of me opening the gifts, but here is what was given to me before my real presents from her. I was laughing so hard while opening these I was crying. Well played, madame. Well played indeed.

tuna helper
Tuna Helper (i hate tuna)

winner ribbon
I’m a winner ribbon

Jesus loves me Precious moments cross

santa light
Santa flashlight thing

flash cards
Addition flash cards

My little pony
My Little Pony stickers

cell phone purse
Cell Phone Purse

dog box
Dog jewelry box

Of course, I did get real presents from her. She gave me three books that I wanted :) Good job Lisa. You got me good. On Christmas Eve the cousins played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD and it was boys vs girls. Guys won with the winning question being “Which Wiggle always falls asleep?” My 2 year old nephew came through for the win and told us Jeff. A 2 year old won the game for us! Amazing!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope yours was as good as mine. I know somewhere out there I have a friend who will think this prank was hilarious and I hope her Christmas was great. The frog hotpads were a hit at my house. :P