On the second day of my four-day weekend, I thought I’d update my blog a bit. After all, a break from work doesn’t mean a break from blogging, right? Since I’ve been off, nothing much has really happened over the past couple days, with one exception. My MacBook was delivered. What can I say? I love it. I’ve heard some users talk about their switch in the past and complained about how slow it was or how slow the programs were, but I’ve not experienced any of that. The OS runs great and programs are blazing fast to launch, even Firefox. I love the design of the MacBook, especially the keyboard and super-drive, compared to my old laptop. iChat is pretty sweet. I enjoyed chatting with Lisa on that. The only problem I had so far with the MacBook is last.fm appears twice in the dock and also doesn’t want to shut down (and needs a force-quit). I know Lisa has had problems with it appearing twice in the dock. Anyone else have any problems with last.fm on their Mac? I think next time I get a desktop it will be a Mac as well, but that won’t be for several years. That’s pretty much it for now.