Disappointing Macworld

I am by no means an Apple fanboy. I only have one Apple product, and that’s my MacBook. I will say that since I’ve gotten my MacBook, I now think all my future computer purchases will be Macs and not PCs. This has nothing to do with me being a fanboy. I just really enjoy using my MacBook and Windows Vista drives me nuts more and more each day. That being said, I have to say I was disappointed in this year’s Macworld. I was expecting much more from Apple. While I didn’t think they would actually release a tablet portable device, the thought was cool. Instead they release the MacBook Air. Excuse me while I yawn.

iPhone and iPod updates were surprising. First, the lack of a 3G 16gb iPhone upset me. I was expecting this to debut at Macworld. At least I was hoping it would. My current contract is up in April and I was hoping to maybe get an iPhone when it ended. I doubt that’s going to happen now. Especially since AT&T promised a 3G iPhone in 2008. Why would I buy one when a new one will be coming out later in the year? The only thing they did was update the firmware for the iPhone and iPod. Those were good upgrades but I can’t believe they expect people to pay $20 to update the iPod touch. That seems a bit ridiculous to be, but this is the Apple culture. The fanboys are known to pay anything that Jobs pushes, so Apple will get their $20 from thousands of fanboys.

A new Apple TV came out, but that gets another yawn from me. I’ll stick to Netflix or Blockbuster Online thank you. Overall, I thought the expo was disappointing. The one big announcement was the MacBook air. I like my MacBook as is. I don’t want to sacrifice an extra USB port and user-replaceable battery for extra thin body. Besides, I use my optical drive. No thank you to that product, especially at it’s hefty price. Oh well, there’s always next year.