When I was growing up there seemed to be magic specials on TV all the time. I would say every couple months there would be some sort of magic show on television. Sometimes it was a solo performer, such as David Copperfield, and sometimes it was a group effort, such as Worlds Greatest Magic. I wonder whatever happened to magic shows. Every few years David Blane comes out with a special, but he seems to be the only one. Chris Angel has the show Mind Freak, but that’s not the traditional magic that grasped my attention as a kid. You didn’t need tricks with a lot of blood and gore when I was growing up. It can’t be that there isn’t a market for magic specials. Ask a kid if they want to see a magic trick and they will get excited and shout YES!. They will be glued to the TV just as I was when I was growing up. Is the lack of specials because of network’s catering the the bread and butter of marketing demographics, the teen and 20’s crowd? That may be it, after all, a kid can’t go out and buy a 6 pack of Budweiser American Ale or buy a Ford truck. It’s kind of sad that prime time TV has become what it has. Where has all the magic gone?