My insurance (auto and home) is set to renew next month so I started looking around at the different insurance companies to get rate quotes to see if I could save a little money. Three out of the five companies I got quotes from had quotes that were significantly lower (more than $100 cheaper) than what I was paying for my current policies. The other two were significantly more (over $100) than what I’m currently paying. An agent from one of the insurance companies I requested a quote from called me. The company happened to be Allstate. Allstate happened to be one of the two companies that gave me a rate higher than my current rate.

I let the agent send me a more detailed and accurate quote for both auto and home policies and I replied saying that those rates were too high and my current company was offering lower rates than Allstate and that I have gotten quotes that were even lower than that she responded with an email that kind of touched a nerve. It came off as pompous and unprofessional.

Actual Email from Agent (Click to Enlarge)

Let’s take a look at all the things wrong with her email. First, she automatically assumes that my rate with SafeCo was going to go up. To me, that just seems very unprofessional. Her unprofessionalism doesn’t stop there though. She continues on to say when I’m ready for a real insurance agent I should call her. Listen lady, you are a business not a first baseman for my softball league. You are trying to be my insurance agent, and I respect that, but you won’t get anywhere by assuming that my current agent hasn’t been doing their best to keep me a happy customer. By assuming that they are a poor agent you are inferring that I have poor judgement in who I pick to handle my affairs, so criticizing them is also criticizing my judgement. The only thing you are really showing me is that I will never hire you as my agent. Strike 2.

Finally, we come to the actual look of the email itself. I might be a little more critical than the average person in this area because I work as a web developer and poor aesthetics on the web is cringeworthy. First, pick a font type and stick to it. You really don’t need to have four different font types in an email. You also don’t need to bold the body of your email. That looks horrible. Don’t even get me started at the various colors used throughout the email. The biggest thing that sticks out is how Allstate Insurance Company is hanging out in the middle of nowhere. Did you get the sudden urge to center something and that was the first thing that came to your mind? The last thing, which I’m sure it’s probably company policy, is the little survey at the bottom of the email. No, I’m not going to answer your questions and email them to the head of the branch. If you really want me to take a survey, put it on the web. If you don’t have the software to make one yourself any number of email marketing tools have them available to use.

In conclusion, you fail as an agent. You were unprofessional and pompous and I don’t see how you can actually gain any customers. As a side note, my current agent showed me what a “real insurance agent can offer” by delivering a policy that came in over $300 lower than your quote. So, Ms. Allstate Insurance Agent, maybe you should call him so he can show you what a real insurance agent is like.