I can’t wait for my mom and sister to come down this weekend. This week is going to be hell. I really want it over with. I am dreading my test tomorrow. I know it is going to be difficult, and that’s after going over the notes and reading the chapters. The take-home portion of the test was really difficult. I don’t know if it was because the directions were vague or because the directions were vague. It could also be that the directions were vague. I was talking to my friend Aaron and he said he recieved a C in the class, so my hopes aren’t too high right now, especially with the other hard classes I’m taking right now. This was supposed to be an EASY semester!

Rest in Peace to Superman Christopher Reeve. His talented acting and contributions to spinal research is greatly appreciated. Read more about it here Christopher Reeve Dies at Age 52

The weekend is over and the week will start anew. I’ve got a midterm tuesday and thursday (yes, a two day midterm). I will do poorly, not only did i not get much studying done at home, but i hear this teacher’s exams are really hard and no one does well on them. In house news, things just keep getting weirder and weirder.

I’m going to StL for the weekend. Thank god for fall break. No posts until Sunday (try to contain your disappointment).

Though the voter registration deadline in many states has passed, you can still act now. Even if you aren’t registered, pass out fliers for the candidate you think should win. Drive your old, senile grandma to the polls on election day. Do whatever it takes to get involved. A democracy is only as good as the people it encompasses. Hurry up, time is running out. ACT NOW!