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The New York Times has a great article on Chuck Berry and his influence on music, more specifically rock ‘n’ roll.

Chuck Berry himself would be the first to admit he didn’t invent rock ’n’ roll, but he came to define it in a series of iconic singles made between 1955 and 1959.

Mr. Berry wrote almost all his hits himself, and he drew from the music he loved — from the blues and boogie to country and Calypso. The result was a hybrid sound that, in 1955, was just beginning to be called “rock ’n’ roll.”

Here, an audio guide to just a few of his revolutionary songs: what came before, and what came after. Listen to the sound of rock ’n’ roll being made.

Chuck Berry would play in St. Louis almost monthly up until a couple of years ago when he was in his late 80’s. I made a promise to myself that that I would see him perform live before he passed. I never kept that promise and it’s something I deeply regret.

There are several things I would like to accomplish before I die. This post isn’t about those. This is about a goal I wish to accomplish before someone else dies. I have a huge sense of St. Louis pride. I take pride in the city, the teams, and the music. Whenever I see someone successful come out of St. Louis, it feels good. There is a legend that still lives in St. Louis. He is known to many as the Father of Rock n Roll. People such as Eric Clapton, John Lennon, and Mick Jagger have all praised his talents. Who am I talking about? None other than Chuck Berry. And at 81 he is still touring. He plays at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis about every other month, when he’s not still doing shows around the world. I am making it my goal to see Chuck Berry perform before he passes. Only problem is, I need someone to go with me. It’s no fun going alone with no one to share the experience with.