Microblogging with Asaph

Today I found out about a piece of software called Asaph. It is a great microblogging system. What makes it so great is the ease in which you can post. Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks then whenever you want to post a new entry, you just select the text you want and click the bookmarklet. If you want to post an image, you click the bookmarklet and then select the image and it will automatically put it on your server for you. It’s an awesome tool and there is already talk of making a plugin for Habari. I’m hoping they do, then I might switch. Check out my shorts here.

I’ve also been posting a lot to Political Jackass this weekend, so if you’re interested in politics, hop on over. I’m trying to update several times a day. There is even a twitter account setup, you can follow Political Jackass at twitter.com/polijackass and read the political shorts at shorts.politicaljackass.com.

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  1. Ali B.
    Ali B. says:

    If this ever makes it as a plugin (and it will), I will start hunting you down for the switch. No Joke :P

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