Replacing Politics with TV

Two of the biggest things I blog about are politics and TV. I blog about those subjects so much I started sites on the topics (the long abandoned Political Jackass, Grand Old Parody, and Let’s Talk About TV. For those who know me, I’m very passionate (and opinionated) about politics. So passionate, that I would let politics affect me in ways that, in my opinion, shouldn’t. I would read political articles and news and could feel my blood pressure rise at the content. I would have endless debates with friends and family, and that is rarely a good thing. I never understood how people could be so apathetic to politics. How can you not care about the country and the people that run it. I maybe cared a bit too much and that wasn’t healthy, so I decided to start a new hobby. That’s when I started Let’s Talk About TV.

A lot of my previous posts here have been about TV, but this wasn’t really a TV blog. In fact, there were a lot more posts I wanted to write but didn’t because it would be a non-stop TV stream. That’s why I decided to start a dedicated blog for TV-related posts. A few days after deciding on the domain name I had the site up and running. It has gone through a design change already, but I’m proud of how it turned out. Best of all, it has replaced the timesuck that politics used to take up. TV blogging has become my new hobby. Instead of reading political article after political article and posting them on my political sites, I now look for TV news. This has definitely been a good thing for my blood pressure. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still heavily opinionated, I still make an occasional post, and I still read political news everyday, but it is not as important to me as it used to me. It is no longer a hobby of mine.  Let’s Talk About TV is.

Let’s Talk About TV has been a fun project for me. I don’t really care if it ever gets big because it’s just a hobby. I get a respectable amount of traffic for a site that’s only a few months old, and RSS subscriptions seem to increase by a few each week. There are some things I would really like to do with it, it’s just a matter of getting access to the people I need. I also hope to do some more reviews when I have more time. The problem is, I hate doing individual TV show reviews. Who really cares about a review for a single episode? I plan on doing reviews for TV show premieres, TV technology, and perhaps even DVD boxed set releases. I would also like to do a monthly contest for my readers. We shall see how this all plays out, but the site has definitely become something I’m glad I did. If you haven’t checked out Let’s Talk About TV, please do.