Some genius made a mix of 600 songs that were released between 1990 and 1999 and blended them perfectly. I never would have though to put Mariah Carey over the I’m Just a Girl riff, or mixing Beck and Busta Rhymes, but it works. If you want to keep track of every single song used in the mix, watch the video. Otherwise, just hit play and let it take you back to the ’90s.

Recently, 1Password announced early access to version 8 of their new Mac App. Things did not go well from there.

You see, the problem with the new 1Password app for many Mac users is they switched to a technology called Electron. If you are not familiar with Electron, it’s a technology that allows businesses to more easily make cross platform apps. Great, right? Not exactly. Electron is the bane of many Mac users’ existence. It’s slow, heavy, bloated, and does not integrate with the OS. Instead of looking like an app that belongs on the OS, it looks like you’re running the website in a container… because that’s what you are doing. Needless to say, Mac users were not happy and expressed their frustrations on Twitter, Reddit, and the 1Password Community. Many posts from users cancelling/leaving are still up as of writing this post.

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OK Human

Weezer has been an interesting band to watch over the years. I was a fan of their hits in the 90s and have followed their radio career casually ever since. In the last few years, they’ve released a few interesting albums, including a covers album, an album of Van Halen songs, and now an album backed by a 38 piece orchestra recorded on all analogue recording equipment entitled OK Human. You may not always like what they are doing, but you have to admire them for doing what they want. The album isn’t exactly an album you can rock out to, but it is great background music to get you through the day. Listen to the album below or on Apple Music.

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Christmas has come and gone. It was a bit strange this year as on my mom’s side we didn’t exchange gifts and just got together to catch up and play games and have dinner. It was really fun. I definitely preferred that than a three-hour present exchange marathon (our family is quite large).

One of the best things that happened this Christmas was giving my brother-in-law his present. You may be wondering what it was. It was a pillow with my face on it. Oh yeah, and I’m wearing a sombrero. My sister and I have a history of playing pranks on each other at Christmas. This year my brother-in-law was on the receiving end of the prank since I had his name in the gift exchange. The pillow is one of those pillows with sequins on it that display something when the sequins are facing one way but swipe the other way and they show a different picture/design/color. Anyway, below is a nice video and pictures of the pillow as well as some other Christmas pictures.

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75 years ago this year Major League Baseball saw the first, and only, all St. Louis World Series when the National League Cardinals played the American League Browns. The National Baseball Hall of Fame has a great article about the series.

1944 World Series program
1944 World Series Program

I was surprised to learn that the series took place entirely at Sportsman’s Park, the home of the Browns, and was played over six consecutive days. Can you imagine today’s games going back-to-back like that? It would never happen.

The series also saw baseball great and Cardinals legend Stan Musial, then 23, who went on to report to the Navy in 1945. I’m fairly young so my mind can barely comprehend how strange it is to see baseball players joining the war effort, another thing that I don’t think would happen today. A baseball player as a spy definitely wouldn’t.

With a war raging overseas and uncertainty overwhelming the nation, a unique World Series was taking place pitting two teams who shared the same home ballpark.

The 1944 World Series, considered a David versus Goliath matchup at the time, was an all-St. Louis affair featuring the prodigious Cardinals, a franchise having just won its third consecutive National League pennant, and the plucky Browns, the winners of its first American League pennant in its 43rd year of existence…

With no travel days needed, the 1944 Fall Classic was played over six consecutive day games from Oct. 4-9.

If you are a fan of baseball, and especially baseball history, go read the article. It really is a great read.