January 2005


image removed due to circumstances of my mood. to view the image (heart in mud) please go to Art.

Side Note: I’ve decided not to be that guy I have been in these situations. I’ll take what is given to me by those who share with me. I know that doesn’t make since, but too many I know read this and I have to be cryptic.

Nothing much is really going on. Reading some French Revolution and Business History for homework. That’s about it.

I saw this headline on yahoo’s homepage: “Fox looks to move away from reality TV.”

I guess Fox decided to take note from sister company Fox News Channel and only show programming with fictional stories.

The first week of school always sucks. The only saving grace is the fact that the first weekend back is always a three-day weekend. While I’m sure Dr. MLK, Jr. would never have imagined that his legacy would lead scores of tired college students to party and drink more, I’m still thankful for it.