Hi, my name is Shep. I am NOT addicted to tv. It amazes me how many people are. Sure, I watch television for background noise when I’m doing other things, but I DO NOT base my life around programs like more and more Americans do each day. Am I the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous? Tivo has become the standard for people who can’t watch every single one of their television programs. Tivo the OC tonight, I can’t watch it. Tivo Survivor because I’ll be watching American Idol which is on at the same time. It is horrifying how addicted we as a society have become.

What pulled this little rant from the depths of my mind? Someone came into the computer lab today when I was working. She had a portable television and was watching tv while browsing the net. It is so sad that she couldn’t leave her television to come to class and/or the computer labs.