New Google Apps for Domains Features

I’ve been using Gmail for domains for quite a while and have been very happy. I was excited when they added Google Calendar and other features to the Application Suite. It just keeps getting better. If you are using their apps for domains you now have a bunch of new features including:

google homepage for domains
The start page
If your administrator has activated this service, you now have a central place to find important information, preview and access your inbox and calendar, and search the web. Your administrator sets up the initial layout and content for this page, but you’re able to customize it as you can with the Google Personalized Homepage.

google domain registration
Domain registration
Before you had to buy your own domain, now you can purchase it through Google. The process is easy; just choose your custom domain name, and pay with Google Checkout. Registration costs $10 per year including private domain registration to help you avoid spam. Your new domain will be pre-configured to work with Google Apps for Your Domain.

google custom urls
Custom URLs for your domain’s Google-powered apps
Now you can set up simple URLs for your domain’s Google services. For example, your users can access their email accounts at a URL like mail.your-domain.com. Log in to the control panel to edit the links for your services.

Other new features include support for new languages and support for multiple domains. Go sign up your domain now at Google Apps for Domains