Well, let me rephrase. Tagging in WP 2.3 is a joke. Tagging was pulled out of 2.2 because it wasn’t ready for prime time. Well, after using 2.3 release candidate, it still is far from prime time. In fact, it belongs in daytime soap opera land. Cheap, cheesy, and incomplete. There is no way to manage tags. Once you create a tag, it’s there forever, unless you go back to the post you created it in and delete it. Also, if you have been blogging for a while, do not use the convert categories to tags function. When it says convert, it does just that, but it doesn’t leave your categories behind. It deletes them. So then you will have 404s for all those category pages. For someone like me, who’s been using WordPress for a long time, I’d want my categories to be categories and tags and then continue to add tags to the new posts. They say the left tags with a lot of holes because they want to let plugins fill in the gaps. That sounds lazy to me and will cause a lot of confusion. “Hey guys, we released a new version of WP. The new version contains tagging ability. Oh, but you won’t be able to manage them or anything out of the box because we’re lazy and didn’t want to write that ability. Instead, use these third-party plugins that aren’t supported or updated by us. Kthxbai.” WP is really dropping the ball with development.

Also, my If you liked that (multi-category) plugin will not work with 2.3 due to changes in database structure. I hope to have an updated version out soon for anyone who wants to use with with 2.3.