After looking at Leopard, watching the videos, looking at the features, and taking a trip to the Apple Store for some hands-on experience, I bought a MacBook. I really enjoyed playing around at the Apple Store. I’ve never been to one, because there isn’t one that is that close to me. So I drove to the closest one and played around with all the gadgets. The MacBook, the MacBook Pros, the iMacs and the Mac Pros, and the iPhone were fun to mess around with and to see their capabilities. The employees were very helpful and answered any question a PC guy might have. I was very impressed with their customer service. The store sold the last MacBook of the specs I wanted, so I ordered my MacBook online. What makes it even better was the educational discount I received because I work for a participating school district. I can’t wait to get my new laptop and stop lugging around the POS that I carry around now. Is there any software that people recommend? I’m looking for a lightweight text editor (I use the awesome PSPad for the minor code editing I do). Also, what’s a good FTP client? I’d like to stick with open source apps if possible.