More Reasons Why Charter Sucks

I’ve written before about my experiences with Charter. It hasn’t gotten any better. Recently we were having problems with our Charter Cable. We called and were able to get an appointment for someone to come out about 4 days later, which is actually quite amazing as Charter is known for making appointments a month out. The problem we were having is the cable box was losing the digital signal about every 5 minutes and cause the screen to go black and digitize for a few seconds. The cable guy came out, did his tests, and concluded the signal was too strong. Now, I’m not a technician, but this makes no sense to me because the problem was not happening anywhere else in the house and the two other boxes (one that was identical to the problem box) were fine. Well, he puts some splitter thing that lowers the signal on to the cable and then puts the old box back in says that should fix it. Surprise, it didn’t, but it didn’t happen again until after he left. We call Charter back and they wouldn’t send someone back out the same day when their first technician didn’t fix the problem to begin with. The next day they can have someone come out is the following Wednesday. This is 8 days without being able to watch anything on that TV because the box is bad.

I was off for a few days last week so I decided to head to the Charter office to exchange boxes myself, still keeping the Wednesday appointment in case the box switch didn’t work. So, now I’m driving out of my way to fix a problem with their equipment myself. Awesome. I get to the office and there is quite a line. Most of the people in front of me are there to complain about billing. The lady that was working was extremely rude to the customers with billing questions. She even told one guy that the previous Charter employee he talked to lied to him! Wow. Nice way to salvage the reputation of your failing company, tell customers that the employees lie to customers. I don’t believe the previous Charter person did lie, because it was about a package that I had seen advertised quite often, yet the lady in the office refused to believe the price and called the customer and other employees liars. I really can’t believe this company. Finally, it’s my turn in line and the lady is just as rude to me as the other customers. I get my box and take it home.

I hook it up and follow the directions on the sheet they gave me to reset the box so it knows what channels to get. I got 3 channels. I call Charter. They send a signal to reset. I still get 3 channels. 2 hours later I call back, the lady sends a signal and tells me I will have to wait until my Wednesday appointment. I tell them this is unacceptable because after going to replace their equipment because they didn’t send one on the technician’s truck before, I deserve someone out that day. She says they can have someone out the next day. I ask to talk to her supervisor so she puts me on hold. She comes back about 10 minutes later and asks for some information, like where the box is, the serial number on the box, etc. She finds out, by asking this, that the new box wasn’t put into the system under our account. So, dubmass bitchy lady at the office didn’t even do her job right. Then again, neither did the first Charter person I talked to. You’d think that would be a standard question they would ask to make sure the equipment is in the system, especially if it’s obvious you’re not getting a signal to your box.

Charter is a completely useless company. Rumor has it they will be filing for bankruptcy soon. As if that’s hard to believe.

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  1. Cyndi McKenna (DylanFan)
    Cyndi McKenna (DylanFan) says:

    We used to have our tv, phone and cable with Charter. I work from home and therefore rely heavily on the phone and computer services. When the line went down, I was out of business for about a week.

    Charter kept giving us the run-around: technicians were supposed to show up and never did; managers promised us things that never happened; I made so many phone calls, was on hold for so long and kept getting disconnected… that finally, we decided they caused us enough grief. We severed all of our contracts with them and went with different providers.

    We looked into satellite tv but had too many trees, so we haven’t had cable for the last few years, and frankly I don’t miss it. And I certainly don’t miss Charter’s unprofessional attitude.

  2. shep
    shep says:

    I don’t want satellite tv. I do actually like Charter’s lineup and I love On Demand, which, from what i’m told, satellite doesn’t have. I also know several people with satellites and they seem to have problems with them quite often. There’s no alternative for internet either. That’s what sucks about living in St. Peters. It’s a monopoly for charter, and it’s city-sanctioned. No other company can come in and offer competing services.

  3. Brett
    Brett says:

    It sounds just like every experience that I have had with Charter since I moved to STL almost 2 years ago. I keep hoping Uverse gets to my area so I can ditch these retards!

  4. Gus
    Gus says:

    Former contractor for Charter. They sent me out with bad equipment all the time. Their service is horrible. Pay for tv that has info commercials on half the time. Internet is horribly intermittent on/off fast/slow. Customer service informs me that my router is bad, and have me take it out of the network. by the time I get reconnected straight to the modem, service is on the upswing. They won’t hang on the phone to see it changes, if they are looking.

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