Penny Updates

Penny is doing great and seems to be completely used to her surroundings.  She has even started to let me sleep a bit later on the weekends.  The only thing we still need to work out is where she sleeps.  After the first few nights in the apartment I realized she can’t just sleep on my bed because she sleeps right up against you, many times using you as a pillow.  This made it very uncomfortable to sleep.  I decided to put her bed on my bed and that worked for a few nights, but then she started her routine of sleeping against/on me.  I think now I will try putting her bed on the ground and letting her sleep there (or on her “spot,” the recliner in the living room).  She is too small to jump up on my bed so I wouldn’t have to worry about her jumping up and sleeping on top of me in the middle of the night.

Here are some pictures of her if you haven’t seen her yet.